WEDNESDAY 1 NOV // Photo impression

On Wednesday, November 1st, the Creativity World Forum kicked-off. It’s a two-day conference with action-oriented talks full of new insights & inspiration.

“Expand your creative horizon with inspiring talks”

Photo’s by Tiffany Konings Laura Weger – students SintLucas

TUESDAY 31 OCT // Photo impression

The second day was to elaborate on the solution for the urban challenge. It was a lot of brainstorming, discussing, arguing and agreeing. In the evening we were invited to a lovely network dinner with the Districts of Creativity Network.

Photo’s by Tiffany Konings Laura Weger – students SintLucas

DCLivingLab Urban Challenges

Today the second edition of the DCLivingLab takes place! We are here in Aarhus, with 43 students from 15 different Universities and 20 different studies. This is so exciting.

This morning 8 stakeholders from Sydhavnen presented their Urban Challenges. Today the students explored the South Harbor to get a glance of what the area is like. It gives them a feeling of what the surrounding entails.

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People, Enterprises, Cities

In 2016 students from all over the world and with a wide variety of expertise, gathered in Brabant to give their perspectives on societal issues the region was facing. This DCLivingLab took place parallel to the Reverse Mission Brabant.

After last year’s amazing first edition, the organisation of the second edition is in full swing and we are getting ready for DCLivingLab 2017 in Aarhus, Denmark!

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Faces of DCLivingLab

Three days of creative thinking, connecting and cooperating.


The FIRST edition of the DCLivingLab was a great experience for all of us. During this event 33 students and young professionals came together from a variety of backgrounds. The participants came from five nationalities, nine different universities and 17 different educational courses. Continue reading “Faces of DCLivingLab”

Looking back: DCLivingLab day 3

DCLivingLab day 3

The last day of the DCLivingLab had arrived. It was an exciting and busy morning.

We are welcomed at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts by Herma Tuunter, Managing Director Dance at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts and Monique Zijp, Lecturer Creative Thinking and Coordinator minors Art, Culture and Research at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts.

After this lovely welcome, the groups got a challenge to spice things up. A selfie-challenge!  Sharon (Sher) de Wagt, Twitter expert of the DCLivingLab Media Team, showed everyone how you can take the best selfies, and so the challenge started. All the pictures can be found on our Instagram account. It was a fun start of a thrilling day! Continue reading “Looking back: DCLivingLab day 3”

Looking Back: DCLivingLab Day 2

DCLivingLab Day 2:

We are welcomed by Susan van Dijk, Lecturer and Policy Officer Geo Media and Design at HAS University of Applied Sciences, at our next location: HAS University of Applied Sciences ‘de Hooge Donken’ in Den Bosch.

After a short presentation, Susan tells us we can get coffee (and tea) all day! That’s really needed to keep the creativity going and the ideas flowing. We have three big classrooms on the second floor of the building where the students continue working to solve the problem they got from the commissioner the day before. Continue reading “Looking Back: DCLivingLab Day 2”

Looking Back: DCLivingLab Day 1



The Embassy for Creative Affairs took the initiative to set-up the first edition of the DCLivingLab with the aim to incorporate the view and the voice of young professionals and students in the practices of the Districts of Creativity (DC) Network.

For the first time students and young professionals joined several parts of the Reverse Mission thanks to the DCLivingLab. During this three day programme, they have been working on a challenging assignment that had to do with a topic of their choice, namely Agrofood, Mobility or Health. With the help of facilitators from the Performatory of NHTV and the input of (inter)national experts the students came-up with ideas and directions for solutions to a problem society is facing.

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